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Friday, 14 May 2010

A New Beginning

I find it slightly odd that my painting style has changed in the last couple of months. It has all coincided with writing this blog.  Probably only a coincidence but I think writing down my thoughts and showing you all my paintings has helped me to find that spark i've been looking for, that makes my paintings feel more authenticallly me. That's not to say my earlier Gower paintings don't work, I like them very much but i've been trying to find my artistic style for quite a while now.

I should define style.  For me it means a way of painting that includes alll the different artistic skills and painting philosophies that i've gained over the years, which probably isn't that much, as like all Artists i'm learning more and growing as an Artist and Art Teacher all the time.

Anyway this leads into the first Acrylic painting i've created in  a while. It uses the bold line approach from my recent experiment with a good injection of colour and texture. Its a painting of two farmhouses and the surrounding countryside as viewed from Llangennith in North Gower.

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