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Monday, 26 April 2010

Pobbles Bay: Line and Wash - Part Two

The first three line and wash images worked really well (See the blog entry for 22 April 2010 Trying Something A Bit Different - Line and Wash Gower Images, for more details). They were quite small images, no larger than A6. I decided to try a larger image. I chose to paint a view of Pobbles Bay looking down on the Beach from the path. 

I chose a simplified linear drawing style. In other words I tried to capture the look and feel of the Bay as exact as I could, but using as few lines as possible. I started by drawing the image out in pencil.  I then used a variety of black ink pens to draw over the pencil lines adding a little more detail and using a variance of thickness of line to add some depth to the image.  Finally I added a colour wash using watercolour paints.

I was really pleased with the final image.  The line and wash images were an experiment to try something a bit different but have turned out to be really effective.  

Although my next painting will be Acrylics on Canvas using a more realistic style, I will definitely create more images using line and wash.

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